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Provides comprehensive cyber risk identification, management and mitigation across all platforms.

We analyze your network and build your cybersecurity defenses.

Advanced Persistent Threats have changed the world of enterprise security and how networks and organizations are attacked. Multi-faceted attacks, supply chain weaknesses, lax insider threat protection and inadvertent errors allow Hackers myriad opportunities to infiltrate and lie in wait, bleeding your most sensitive data, often without detection for months. These vulnerabilities play into the hands of cyber-criminals who are experts at remaining hidden from traditional security while exhibiting an intelligence, resiliency and patience that has never been seen before.
Vanquishing these threats requires a new paradigm – ASSURED’s PROACTIVE CYBERSECURITY – not the Old School reactive cybersecurity, whose failures have begun to clutter the news cycle. Next-generation Assured security offers CISOs, CROs and Boards of Directors a unique window on cybersecurity at your enterprise, as well as enterprise-level control of many of the most serious threats, even those which have yet to be discovered.
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Why cybersecurity should be your top priority

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, the term security implies cybersecurity. Often, this is a mix of anti-malware protection against only known malware, firewalls, endpoint solutions, and event monitoring products. These might tell you that you have been hacked, but they do not stop the hack. Some enterprises may encrypt some data, but encryption is rarely integrally incorporated into the vital operations of the enterprise – it is just too cumbersome.
Most Old School Cybersecurity services focus on actions after you have been hacked and some have become very good at forensics or advising on whom to inform and how to inform them. Old School Cybersecurity often entails extensive “touch labor” after your system has been compromised and you have already suffered data losses.
Assured Enterprises has shifted the cybersecurity paradigm. The Assured team is able to quickly detect known vulnerabilities in your operations, with AssuredScanDKV®. For even more insight into the exposures, threats and risks facing your organization we offer Assured’s TripleHelix® system to analyze your enterprise as it operates today. We identify and help you close gaps and vulnerabilities inherent in your system. We share with you our tricks of the trade to enhance your cybersecurity maturity.
We provide a comprehensive array of services and products, which when taken together are very effective. We tailor our solutions to your needs and budget to develop your customized cybersecurity program. And because our aim is to maximize your protection, we may recommend our own products, products of others, or a combination of the two to achieve that goal.
We do not require that you recapitalize your IT environment. No need to buy new servers or routers from or through us. Our solutions are easily integrated with most software systems on the market today, so there is no need to go “Cold Turkey” and make a wholesale switch to the AEI approach.

We work with our clients to identify immediate and longer term needs and provide the tools that empower them to make informed decisions on additional enhancements that may be acquired and implemented over time.

In the wake of devastating cyber attacks on Sony Pictures, Target, Home Depot and numerous financial institutions, Officers & Directors now lose sleep over the quality of their cybersecurity systems. One successful attack can cost hundreds of millions of dollars—even into the billions—and is certain to destroy careers and reputation. Shareholder derivative lawsuits, class action lawsuits and actions by Attorneys General, are just the tip of the legal costs and compliance nightmares many companies face.
Small and medium-sized enterprises are not immune either, with the average cyber loss in 2014 for an enterprise with 1000 employees reaching nearly $6 Million and growing.
  • Who can keep up with the hackers?
  • Who can redesign and shore-up your entire network, with proven services and the newest state-of-the-art technologies?
  • Who will bring peace of mind to besieged Officers and Directors?

It’s Time For A Better Solution.

Who is breaching the data?

State-Affiliated Actors

Internal Actors

Organized Crime


SOURCE: 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon)

The Assured Team has supported the highest security levels of the US Government and now brings this expertise to commercial enterprises.

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