Assured Ascends to Cybersecurity Top 500

Assured Ascends to Cybersecurity Top 500

Assured Enterprises, Inc., Ascends to Cybersecurity Ventures Q3 2016 Top 500 List of Hottest Companies to Watch

Assured Enterprises, Inc., an emerging cybersecurity firm with corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, and offices in Northern Virginia, with ties to the federal Intelligence Community and defense agencies, has been added to Cybersecurity Ventures’ Q3 2016 Definitive List of the World’s Hottest and Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the “Cybersecurity 500 creates awareness and recognition for the most innovative cybersecurity companies – ranging from the largest and most recognizable brands, to VC backed start-ups and emerging players, to small firms with potentially game-changing technologies, to solution providers poised for growth around productized or vertically focused services.” The selection is not based on number of employees, revenue, or other criteria used to rank companies on other lists. The editors of Cybersecurity Ventures evaluate innovation and seek to identify the key players in cybersecurity for the future.

“The ascension of Assured Enterprises to the Hot 500 Cybersecurity Companies in the World is a tribute to the innovation of our TripleHelix℠ comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system and our groundbreaking AssuredScanDKV®, the only tool capable of Detecting Known Vulnerabilities (DKV) within libraries, third party applications and packed executables. This is the tool which will enable software developers and major consumers of proprietary software to quickly and comprehensively find the kind of vulnerabilities which are involved in some 80% of the successful attacks against corporate America,” said Stephen M. Soble, CEO of Assured.

“Our TripleHelix℠ comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system brings a revolution to the requirement of annual or more frequent cybersecurity assessments. We have shunned the “tick-the-box” mentality and have devised a granular, data-driven approach, which offers certifications, a Roadmap of improvements and a CyberScore®,” Soble explained.

Assured Enterprises clients include: the most sensitive levels of the U.S. Government, Companies among the Global Fortune 200, and small and medium sized software developers, professional services providers and others.

About Assured Enterprises:

Assured Enterprises offers proactive comprehensive cyber-security solutions to the Federal and Commercial sectors. Built upon years of expertise in highly secure environments, Assured delivers tailored products and solutions in comprehensive cybersecurity assessments, sophisticated cybersecurity services and product solutions.