Assured Expands its Digital Security Platform with New Strategic Partnerships

Assured Expands its Digital Security Platform with New Strategic Partnerships

Assured Enterprises Expands its Digital Security Platform, Partnering with Qafis Ltd, TeeBase UK Ltd. and C3 Security Inc.

Assured Enterprises, Inc., today announced two strategic partnerships, one with TeeBase UK Ltd, a company based in London, England and Milan, Italy; and with C3 Security, Inc., a cutting-edge US pioneer in breach detection. This dramatic move enhances the existing Assured Digital Security Platform which includes a full suite of proven biometrics from Qafis Biometrics (in The Netherlands and London) and Assured’s own TripleHelix™, AssuredScanDKV® and other cybersecurity solutions. TeeBase brings its suite of encryption, risk analytics, storage and learning tools to the platform. C3’s Orchestration Solution provides a significant data breach detection and continuous breach monitoring system to the Assured Enterprises’ platform.

map of world hovering over handThe Assured Team now provides cybersecurity and full spectrum biometrics products and services to clients in all governmental and private industry sectors in the US and Europe. The partnership provides company clients with a new level of visibility, system hardening and confidence to securely engage and conduct business in the Digital Age.

“Teaming with Assured makes particular sense for our company and clients, because TripleHelix™ has been proven to us to be the most comprehensive cyber risk assessment system available,” TeeBase CEO Marco Pissarello said. “In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack, AssuredScanDKV®—the only deep software scanner on the market which detects known vulnerabilities in the software lurking on an enterprise’s system—is demonstrated to have readily detected the vulnerability exploited by WannaCry. More importantly, the tool provides the precise rapid remediation technique for each of the detected vulnerabilities. Our clients in banking and finance, legal, industrial and critical infrastructure worlds are most impressed with the CyberScore® to benchmark and measure risk, and the Regulatory Compliance Dossier customized to most regulatory and compliance reports required, which are two of the three deliverables under TripleHelix™,” explained Pissarello.

“Threat detection is only the first step towards responding to a breach. A detected threat allows you to prevent a malicious activity and tells you where to look, but true identification of a breach is when the scope and impact is understood. C3 Security’s Orchestration solution investigates each threat in order to provide a complete automated analysis and provides a tailored response to augment Security Operation Center performance,” explained C3 Security CEO Christopher Corcoran. “The quality of data that drives decisions is the critical foundation for all security related actions. Where C3 amplifies the value of existing technical data, Assured insightfully assess the security posture of an organization and its software vulnerabilities, tackling core problems at a much different angle, yet with high fidelity and accuracy.”

“Biometric technologies are a necessary component of the Assured Digital Security Platform, and we are pleased to work with TeeBase and C3, as part of the Assured Team,” said Edwin Nicolaas, CEO of Qafis, Ltd. “Our clients in international law enforcement, European governmental organizations, critical infrastructure sites, border control and security and voting administration will benefit from the Assured approach and the extraordinary capabilities of our Assured Team,” added Nicolaas.

Assured CEO Stephen M. Soble added that “Enhancing our cybersecurity platform by joining forces with TeeBase and C3 Security strengthens our recent partnership with Qafis Biometrics in The Netherlands as we continue our global strategic plan to integrate the highest quality Digital Age technologies to provide a solid, comprehensive digital security platform.”

Soble elaborated, “Software vulnerabilities embedded in operating systems and applications provide the principal attack vectors used daily by bad actors to reach across international boundaries to steal, compromise, manipulate, forge, spoof, and ransom data without regard to consequences.”

Assured takes the hacker’s tools out of their tool box, to confound those who would use the fruits of the Digital Age for theft, manipulation and other destructive purposes.

drawing of hand playing chess and check mate on queenSoble continues, “Assured remains focused on data, software and total system risk identification, risk mitigation, proactive cybersecurity measures and bringing an end to the cyber threats facing governments, business and individuals globally.”

Soble emphasized that “some 80% of the successful attacks against corporate America, and the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee—according to the FBI and DHS—exploited known vulnerabilities in the software to launch their malware attacks.AssuredScanDKV® is the only tool which can detect and show how to shut down the vulnerabilities in a client’s software in real world time.”

Reinforcing Assured’s deep software scanning and organizational assessment with TeeBase’s and C3 Security’s combined technologies, along with Qafis Biometrics’ advanced identification and authorization tools, the partnership offers public and private sector organizations a top-to-bottom, face-to-code implementation of best physical and cybersecurity practices.

AssuredScanDKV® unpacks and unbundles dynamic link libraries (DLLs) within executable files. The scanner provides detailed remediation information and prioritization of risk to make the system actionable and user-friendly. According to a Senior Officer of a client agency, “AssuredScanDKV® was easy to use, operated without defects or bugs and empowered [the Agency] to eliminate known software vulnerabilities within [its] software.” More information on this case study here.

man using tablet connecting to worldTripleHelix™ provides a roadmap of improvements by assessing thousands of data points, providing a CyberScore®—the most accurate system of determining cyber health. CyberScore® can be used as a benchmarking tool and as a measurement tool to assess the efficacy of changes in the total environment.

TripleHelix™ delivers virtually any regulatory, compliance, third-party assessment, and best practices report (PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, ISO, NCUA, ISF and others), generating a client’s proprietary Regulatory Compliance Dossier.

The TeeBase arsenal of tools and service providers and the C3 Data Breach Orchestration Platform now support Assured’s TripleHelix™ and AssuredScanDKV® and can be combined with the Qafis Biometric technologies and solutions. The solution is designed for major enterprises, but each is scalable to suit the needs of smaller operations.

Assured Enterprises, Inc.


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