Assured Enterprises and Qafis Biometrics Announce a Strategic Partnership

Assured Enterprises and Qafis Biometrics Announce a Strategic Partnership

Assured Enterprises and Qafis Biometrics Enhance Digital-based Security Protections Worldwide

[Austin, Texas; Utrecht, Netherlands]

Assured Enterprises, Inc., and Qafis Biometrics Technology today announced their strategic partnership to offer a full spectrum of digital security goods and services. The strategic partners now offer Qafis’ digital identity authentication, a comprehensive suite of biometric products and the ground-breaking proactive cybersecurity services and products through Assured Enterprises. The two companies provide goods and services to clients in the governmental, banking and finance, health, hospitality, critical infrastructure, airport, and telecom sectors for Fortune 2000 companies and organizations facing serious cybersecurity, identity authentication and management issues.

Through our partnership with Assured, Qafis is pleased to add true cutting edge cybersecurity assessment services and scanning tools to further strengthen our highly-regarded BSSL biometric security solutions.
Qafis CEO, Edwin Nicolaas

abstract image of binary numbers in a tunnel with light at the endNicolaas goes on to say, “Assured’s product roadmap is very innovative and impressive. We searched internationally for the best security technologies to reinforce our product offering. The Assured Enterprises team is unique in its approach, providing proactive cybersecurity and highly effective tools and services. Our clients need Assured Enterprises for AssuredScanDKV® –the only deep software scanner on the market which detects known vulnerabilities in the software lurking on an enterprise’s system and TripleHelixSM – the most comprehensive cybersecurity assessment tool—which tells our clients what vulnerabilities, gaps, exposures and risks, including total systemic risk, they bear today. Assured provides a roadmap for improvements, not just an inert report. And, TripleHelixSM includes a CyberScore® to benchmark and measure risk, and a Regulatory Compliance Dossier, containing virtually any regulatory and compliance report required. This is truly comprehensive. Our partnership provides our clients with a new level of visibility and confidence to successfully engage and conduct business in the Digital Age.”

We have been looking for the right technologies to bring to our comprehensive cybersecurity platform. Biometrics and reliable ID authentication are a key element. Qafis has impressed us with their technological prowess, understanding and management of client needs.
Assured CEO, Stephen M. Soble

Soble added that “the Internet provides the global access which bad actors need to reach across international boundaries to compromise or manipulate data, to use amazing technologies for forgery, spoofing and deception. We are organized to take the hacker’s tools out of their tool box, to confound those who use the fruits of the Digital Age for theft, manipulation and other improper purposes. People are part of the problem and the biometric and ID authentication suite offered by Qafis speaks to this challenge. Assured remains focused on data, software, and total system risk identification, risk mitigation, proactive cybersecurity measures and bringing an end to the cybersecurity nightmare facing us all.”

Soble emphasized that “some 80% of the successful attacks against corporate America, and the Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee—according to the FBI and DHS—exploited known vulnerabilities in the software to launch their malware attacks. AssuredScanDKV® is the only tool which can detect and show how to shut down the vulnerabilities in a client’s software in real world time.”

closeup of eye during biometric retinal id scanThe two companies have just begun presenting demonstrations of their combined offerings to current and prospective clients.

As network intrusions and data breaches continue to escalate globally, hackers often use software vulnerabilities, stolen user id’s and passwords for unauthorized entry into sensitive computer systems as well as into physical environments such as airports and buildings. Passports and other paper-based forms of identification can be forged or misread. Qafis’ biometric technologies — including facial, iris, retina, voice, brain, and fingerprint recognition — have emerged as the preferred new methods of security verification by governments, law enforcement, business, and industry.

Reinforcing Qafis’ biometrics with Assured’s code scanning and organizational assessment, the newly combined technologies offer public and private sector organizations a top-to-bottom, face-to-code enforcement of best physical and cybersecurity practices.

AssuredScanDKV® unpacks and unbundles dynamic link libraries (DLLs) within executable files. The scanner provides detailed remediation information and prioritization of risk to make the system actionable and user-friendly. According to a Senior Officer of a client agency in the U.S. government, “AssuredScanDKV® was easy to use, operated without defects or bugs and empowered [the Agency] to eliminate known software vulnerabilities within [its] software.” More information on this case study here.

TripleHelixSM provides a roadmap of improvements by assessing thousands of data points, providing a CyberScore®—the most accurate system of determining cyber health. CyberScore® can be used as a benchmarking tool and as a measurement tool to assess the efficacy of changes in the total environment.

TripleHelixSM is capable of delivering virtually any regulatory, compliance, third-party assessment, and best practices report (PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, ISO, NCUA, ISF and others), generating a client’s proprietary Regulatory Compliance Dossier.

The Qafis line of biometric and identity solutions, as well as TripleHelixSM and AssuredScanDKV®, are designed for major enterprises, but each is scalable to suit the needs of smaller operations.

Assured Enterprises’ clients include agencies in the most sensitive levels of the U.S. Government, companies among the Global Fortune 200, small- and medium- sized software developers, professional services providers, and others. Qafis’ clients include European governments, airports, major companies and others.


Media Contacts:

Michael G. Albrecht
Assured Enterprises, Inc.
Austin, Texas, USA

Elly Jongbloed
Qafis Biometrics
Utrecht, The Netherlands

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