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Over the July 4th Holiday Weekend the Kaseya software supply chain attack caused chaos and a cloud over American industry.  Assured could have stopped this attack dead in its tracks.  Our AssuredScanDKV® would have Detected the Known Vulnerabilities in the software.  And, had you not sufficient time to remediate all of the detected vulnerabilities before the onset of the attack, or had a previously unknown vulnerability been used, AssuredMDR+™, powered by the global backbone of Cynet,  would have detected and automatically remediated this attack.


On May 12, 2021 President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order on Cybersecurity.  Section 4 of the Order calls for government and key private sector entities to scan the binaries of the Software on their ecosystem, to Detect Known Vulnerabilities.

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Section 4 of President Biden’s Executive Order, May 12, 2021

The Value Addition of AssuredScanDKV®

Reliable Detection

The only tool proven to reliably Detect Known Vulnerabilities in the software, of any age, resident on an ecosystem is AssuredScanDKV®.

Known Vulnerabilities

AssuredScanDKV® Detects these Known Vulnerabilities by unpacking Libraries, Dynamically Loading Libraries (DLLs) and executables (which are often compressed) and reading the binaries, without requiring any access to source code and without any ability to read data created using and of the software it scans.


Identifies the location of each vulnerability detected + Provides indicative severity information + Provides detailed remediation instruction which our clients may use as they wish.

Assured may be able to assist in the remediation effort, but it is not required to do so in order to use AssuredScanDKV®.

A Different Type of Cyber Solutions Company

Assured has supported the highest security levels of the US Government and now brings its expertise to commercial enterprises.


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