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Cryptocurrency Exchange

As the value of cryptocurrencies increases and as the markets diversify, the cybersecurity risk of cryptocurrency exchanges also increases exponentially. Cyber breaches against Mt. Gox, Yapain, Bitfinex, and Coincheck exchanges illustrate both the innovativeness of cyber adversaries as well as the need for a comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity system for cryptocurrency exchanges.

A cybersecurity breach can literally drive a cryptocurrency exchange to bankruptcy. In the future, the most successful cryptocurrency exchanges will view cybersecurity as a profit center, distinguishing their customer care in the marketplace, and not as a cost center necessary evil.

This white paper addresses the questions cryptocurrency exchanges must answer to secure their business and their future.

Assured can address these questions with existing, proven solutions as noted in the parentheticals, and provide a cryptocurrency exchange with a comprehensive end-to-end cybersecurity protection system and personnel for the entire lifecycle of the cybersecurity ecosystem.

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