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Introducing AssuredMDR+™

Today, sound Data Breach protection, as well as RANSOMWARE protection, entails having advanced protection on the endpoints (examples: Symantec, Crowdstrike, Carbon Black), in addition to behavioral monitoring of the network traffic (examples: Darktrace, Microsoft Azure ATP, Vectra Networks).


A proactive vulnerability management tool (example: AssuredScanDKV®, still the only deep software scanner on the market which rapidly Detects the Known Vulnerabilities in any software package, without need for source code! Qualys, Tenable cannot!) And, in increasing numbers, a managed security service.

AssuredMDR+™, powered by Cynet, subsumes the features offered by the other providers and consolidates a powerful response into a single cohesive platform forming an end-to-end proactive monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration system, backed by a 24/7 SOC to support all aspects of monitoring and response.

A Different Type of Cyber Solutions Company

Assured has supported the highest security levels of the US Government and now brings its expertise to commercial enterprises.


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