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Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™:
Your Annual Online Cybersecurity Assessment

Backed by one of America’s top-echelon cybersecurity engineering teams.

In a world of ransomware attacks, data breaches and cyber headaches, do you know enough about your cybersecurity health?

Every company must assess their cyber risk. Assured created the most comprehensive cyber risk assessment system—TripleHelix®—for large, complex organizations like financial institutions, critical infrastructure and even the military. And now, we have created a painless, scaled-down system—Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™—so that smaller organizations can gain the essential benefits of a TripleHelix® evaluation.

The TripleHelix® approach shifts the engineering paradigm away from the reactive “old school” to a genuine, proactive, state-of-the-art approach—cybersecurity based on hard, scientific facts. Beware of the marketing hype; nothing substitutes for serious cybersecurity engineering; not “predictive analytics,” hypothetical models or “the man behind the curtain.”

Though the science behind TripleHelix® is complex, the customer experience is simple and straightforward—the Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™ delivers recommendations and visibility into the elements of your cyber health (think of an annual medical exam), in a way that is faster, better and simpler than you might imagine. And for a limited time you can try the Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™, the first phase of the TripleHelix® framework, at a special, reduced price.

Here’s what you’ll get:

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Automated Cyber Risk Evaluation

Within our secure website portal, you will answer several YES/NO questions at your convenience. You can proceed at your own pace; you can save the survey at any time and finish it later.

Baseline CyberScore® Range

We will provide you with your Baseline CyberScore® Range, our proprietary and acclaimed benchmark of your cyber health. It is most accurate when we complete a full TripleHelix® assessment. However, for the Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™, the CyberScore® pegs the lowest earned number and tells you where you stack up against the Essentials. Clients use the CyberScore® to discuss insurance needs and to measure future improvements against the first benchmark score. And, because the CyberScore® is calibrated on a scale of 300 to 850, like a FICO® score, your organization will be able to understand where you are and where you are going.

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Mini Roadmap

Assured delivers a written mini Roadmap that identifies what you are doing well and suggests cost effective improvements you can consider and more.

AssuredScanDKV®Potential Vulnerability Evaluation

(Free Option)

How important is a deep software scanner? AssuredScanDKV® could have prevented WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya, the Equifax breach and many more. Don’t overlook this valuable tool.

Did you know that some 80% of successful cyber-attacks exploited known vulnerabilities in the software residing on the victim’s network. AssuredScanDKV® is the world’s only tool that automatically scans the libraries, DLLs and executables for known vulnerabilities.

Our scaled-down version of AssuredScanDKV® scans up 150 DKV-scannable files within your chosen directory and provides a free Potential Vulnerabilities Evaluation that gives you the number of vulnerabilities you may have. After this free evaluation, you can move to the next step, where you can choose a more comprehensive scan in addition to guidance on how to mitigate and remediate those vulnerabilities.

AssuredScanDKV® is an optional add-on available when you checkout with Cyber Health Essentials Checkup™.

Learn More About AssuredScanDKV®

If you opt to have an AssuredScanDKV® Potential Vulnerability Evaluation, we will contact you when that service is available.

*For a more comprehensive, deep software scan, please contact us today or schedule a free demo of AssuredScanDKV®.