Cyber Pro Maturity – Cybersecurity Assessments for Medium-Sized Enterprises

Cyber Pro Maturity™

Tailored, online self-guided assessments for medium-sized enterprises – delivered online

Every Company Needs Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is as important to every business as a website or a balance sheet. But many cybersecurity companies offer products that are beyond the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and price them accordingly. With solutions being too complex or too costly, medium-sized companies are left out in the cold. Without appropriately scaled solutions, companies don’t have the cost-effective understanding of their security position to find and mitigate their risks. But hoping that you won’t be noticed by bad actors isn’t a security strategy.

Cyber threats don’t discriminate

Unfortunately, as a medium-sized business you are a huge target for cybercriminals, and the impact of a breach is more devastating.

You need solutions that are as serious as those used by large enterprises, but tailored and priced appropriate to your business’s size.

Cyber Pro Maturity™ is just that.

Built upon TripleHelix®, the most comprehensive risk assessment system available today, Cyber Pro Maturity™ is available as an online, self-guided assessment that doesn’t require an on-site visit and allows you to work at your own pace.

A data breach for a medium-sized company can be devistating

What you get with Cyber Pro Maturity™

Access to self-guided assessments

The Cyber Pro Maturity™ assessment questions are available through our online portal, where your team can start, stop, and flag questions to return to – all without the need for an on-site visit.

Baseline Cyberscore®

A ranged score, akin to a FICO® score, that provides a metric for where your current cyber risk level cybersecurity efforts are currently.

Mini Roadmap

Identifies a few areas in which improvements can be made that will reduce your risk.

Compliance Foundation

By completing the Cyber Pro Maturity™ assessment, you’ll have a leg up on satisfy regulatory and compliance requirements that require an independent, third-party cybersecurity risk evaluation.

Take control of your cybersecurity

Cyber Pro Maturity™ provides you with the tools and insights to understand your current position and the information you need to make data-driven decisions about your cybersecurity investments.

Your assessment is more than just a signpost. With Cyber Pro Maturity™, you receive both a roadmap and a baseline CyberScore®. The cybersecurity roadmap identifies several areas where improvements can be made that will reduce your risk. These recommendations are timely, address cost and impact on your workflow and personnel. Assured or others may provide the risk reduction goods or services. Assured is agnostic, focused on the quality recommendation, best suited for your needs.

The CyberScore® is a valuable tool that indicates your company’s personalized, fact-based report that provides a baseline range number that represents your risk, between 300 and 850. This scoring – akin to a FICO® score – facilitates conversations and understanding between technical and non-technical business stakeholders. This enables the non-IT owners and executives to quickly and correctly get a grip on risk—so that the best business decisions can be made addressing risk NOW. The CyberScore® can be refreshed.

Who needs Cyber Pro Maturity™?

Banks and financial institutions
Credit unions
DoD Contractors
Supply Chain
Law firm

Regulated industries
Software companies
Government entities
Non-profit organizations

Consulting firms