Risk Management and ROI—
Is Your Cybersecurity Paying Dividends?

Quantify and Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with TripleHelix®

How do you Measure Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity poses a complex challenge for organizations of every size in every industry. And the challenge continues to grow while executives, boards of directors and technical staff attempt to stay out of the headlines, meet compliance standards and cost-justify security.

If it isn’t on the minds of every citizen, it should be. Cybersecurity is the risk management challenge of our age, not just a technical challenge for the IT department.

With increased pressure to protect data and the growing list of standards and regulations surrounding cybersecurity, C-Suites and Boards know they must address the challenge together with the technical staff in order to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks. However, organizations lack clear metrics to link their cybersecurity efforts to cost-efficient choices, so getting a clear picture of the ROI of those efforts has been almost impossible to achieve. Until now.

TripleHelix®: The Most Comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment System

With TripleHelix®, Assured Enterprises built the most comprehensive risk assessment system available, which gives organizations the capability to quantify and to measure progress in their cybersecurity programs. It provides the granular information to inform legal, insurance and audit professionals.

It is well-suited for government agencies, commercial enterprises and critical infrastructure. With TripleHelix® Assured’s clients receive a clear picture of their current cybersecurity posture, and a comprehensive, written roadmap that details both cost-effective improvements to your environment you can implement now and lays out a plan for future improvements you can plan and budget in an orderly manner for the future. You need clear-cut recommendations for improvements to your cyber health. Why settle for a pass/fail “mark” without any guidance?

The TripleHelix® risk assessment system analyzes:

  • Cyber Maturity–identify existing gaps, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities in your organization.
  • Threats–identify the bad actors that pose the threats relative to your organization, including state sponsored adversaries, “hacktivists,” organized crime, commercial spies and insider threats.
  • Impacts–evaluate the impact of potential cyber breaches from the vantage point of data, reputation and monetary loss, theft of intellectual property, legal ramifications and other factors.

cyberscore cybersecurity measurement graphic

The correlation of these three strands yields a proprietary CyberScore®, a three-digit cybersecurity score similar to a FICO® score, that allows the management team to benchmark and evaluate security readiness. The Assured CyberScore® empowers a CISO to chart a recommended course for improvement with a focus on what is most important for the organization, not on the latest fad in the cybersecurity marketplace.

TripleHelix® captures  thousands of  data points in 25 different categories which is far more comprehensive than any other assessment on the market. It is capable of measuring, not only technical risks, but risks resulting from policy and procedural gaps. In addition, it has a unique focus on insider threats.

Covering All the Bases

Is your organization subject to multiple compliance standards or regulations? Instead of having to conduct multiple assessments to address compliance requirements for your organization, TripleHelix® offers a one-stop, cost-effective comprehensive assessment with the option of delivering virtually any regulatory compliance cyber report into a personalized Regulatory Compliance Dossier.

Deep Software Scanning is Critical

With known software vulnerabilities accounting for 80% of the initial intrusions in data breaches, Assured scoured the market for a scanner that could identify these known vulnerabilities in software. Unable to find a solution, we built our own. AssuredScanDKV® is the only deep software scanning tool capable of unbundling executables and libraries so that we can detect software vulnerabilities at the binary level. This tool is not a mere monitor. We also provide remediation information. As part of a TripleHelix® assessment, we employ AssuredScanDKV® to find the vulnerabilities in software and to provide a remediation plan, if warranted. .

Managing Continuous Improvement in Cybersecurity

The results of your TripleHelix® assessment include two critical components: a unique CyberScore® that distills Assured’s comprehensive analysis into an easy-to-understand number and a roadmap of detailed options for consideration to improve your cybersecurity posture and your CyberScore®.

Cybersecurity is an on-going process requiring changes and updates to keep ahead of the threats. TripleHelix® is designed for annual use, with periodic updates of the CyberScore® to measure the improvements from remediation and other actions.


Regulatory Compliance Dossier

Man carrying a black folder with technology background with the words Regulatory Compliance Dossier and Confidential on the coverTripleHelix® offers a one-stop, time- and cost-effective, comprehensive assessment and gives you the option to have virtually any regulatory, compliance or best practices report prepared and delivered into your organization’s own Regulatory Compliance Dossier. Imagine having the regulatory agency’s report before the regulators ever arrive. TripleHelix® ensures accuracy and demonstrates veracity to achieve proactive cybersecurity and begin your remediation plan before the regulators deliver their critique.

GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, SEC, FISMA, FFIEC, GLBA, NIST, ISO and many others are now integrated into TripleHelix®. If your organization needs a report which isn’t already integrated into TripleHelix®, we will integrate it for clients at no additional cost.1

Stop wasting your time and money on second-rate assessments. Empower yourself by obtaining Assured’s Regulatory Compliance Dossier which includes the reports that meet your unique compliance standards, guidelines and requirements. Use the Dossier to target compliance before the regulator visits and to double-check the regulator’s accuracy.

Protect Yourself with Assured’s Action Plan

  • Conduct a cyber maturity analysis including a deep scan of software to detect known vulnerabilities.
  • Run a comprehensive threat assessment, which focuses on adversaries from nation-states to insiders, from hacktivists to supply-chain threats.
  • Evaluate cyber readiness with a focus on assessing the impacts of potential breaches.
  • Study and analyze the data collected in order to produce a roadmap which provides options for improvements, considering cost and efficiency.
  • Correlate and issue a CyberScore®.
  • Provide a unique Regulatory Compliance Dossier that includes any reports you need.

Until TripleHelix®, the process of satisfying the latest compliance requirements, standards and best practices was an exhausting, time-consuming, expensive and thankless task. More importantly, without TripleHelix®, you simply had no way to achieve true visibility into the risk inherent in your enterprise.

Reduce the risk. Improve your cyber health.

Along with your comprehensive cyber risk assessment, TripleHelix® provides a roadmapCyberScore® and Regulatory Compliance Dossier. No other solution provides these three customized deliverables.

1Though there is no additional cost for new integrations, each requested report is reflected in our flat fee pricing.

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