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A Revolution is Brewing . . .

Like biological invaders, cyber criminals slip past your defenses and infect you. Their technology is far more advanced and sophisticated than yours, and there was nothing you could do about it. Until now.

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The Grim Diagnosis

A deadly and complex pathogen lurks within, insinuating itself into your healthy cells. As it snakes through your system, it waits for the right time to strike. Its mission is simple: steal or destroy everything you have worked so hard to build.

You thought you were safe. You believed you were protected, or at least healthy enough to handle an outbreak, but your attempts at prevention have failed. With little effort, the invader broke through your first level of defense, opening a fissure that allowed more viruses to leak in as your lifeblood bleeds out. Now you are the unwitting host to hundreds or even thousands of specialized, harmful infections.

Consider this your wake up call.

Graphic: virus infection in the blood stream
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“Drug”-Resistant Super Bugs

Today’s hackers are organized, sophisticated and well-funded. They spread their “disease” with malicious efficiency through the support of a growing crime syndicate of hacktivists, corporate espionage marauders, ransomware bullies and even nation-states.

Like biological viruses, their weapons of choice pose a wide range of threats, including theft, intimidation, exploitation, espionage, extortion, sabotage and terrorism.

Insider threats—whether negligent, exploited or malicious—pose serious complications that create epidemics. Even a single loss incident could cost you millions, harm your brand, drain your funds, alienate your customers and destroy your reputation in one day. Each day you delay a wellness examination is another day you choose to bet the ranch that you won’t be or haven’t been hacked.

By using automated tools that are readily available online, these super-spreaders can slip past your defenses and infect you without detection.

Even with proper treatment, there are dire consequences. Just look at these estimates from the Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Cost of Breach Study:

average total consolidated cost of data breach graph
there is a 26 percent change you will lose records
average cost per record if hacked in all industries vs healthcare
48 percent of all data breaches are caused by malicious or criminal attacks

Recent studies show that about 80% of the successful attacks against corporate America exploit known vulnerabilities in software resident on their networks.

Without immediate treatment, the prognosis is bleak. The attackers efficiently disperse viruses and leach healthy cells, as potential targets scramble to fight them with outdated technology and reactive shortsightedness. That’s if they fight them at all. It’s hard to treat an invisible, undetected illness.

To make matters worse, they seek help from people who base their decisions on Merlin’s crystal ball of predictive analytics. This type of obsolete cybersecurity is about denial and misinformation. It forces companies like yours to take a reactive stance that is not only futile, it also exposes you to incredible risk.

Assured’s diagnostic data is based on hard engineering science, and it’s the first step in finding a cure for what ails you.
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First, Do No Harm

Traditional western medicine has devolved into a cold, repetitive routine with minimal human touch and almost no dialogue. Without a thorough examination, it’s almost impossible to come up with the correct diagnosis, much less know how to cure the patient’s illnesses. Assured is not interested in treating the symptoms. We are focused on making you well—that is, reducing your cybersecurity risks to a point where you can decide that the demands of cost-efficiency outweigh the well-defined risks.

Plus, we have an awesome bedside manner.

Assured’s team concentrates on wellness and prevention. Our substantive, detailed and scientific testing leads to a comprehensive treatment plan that restores your cyber health, instead of prescribing useless—and sometimes dangerous—drugs that do more harm than good. TripleHelix®, our Cybersecurity Assessment System, is the most precise cyber risk diagnostic system available.

First, do no harm. Second, know your risk.

Graphic: Blue and orange layers of DNA, beakers and molecules in a lab

Why Haven’t You Heard About This Before?

Assured’s greatest obstacle is explaining this new concept to a world conditioned to assume a defeatist, victim-mentality like “getting hacked is inevitable.” When it comes to cybersecurity, it’s like explaining wellness to someone who has only known illness.

We provided Assured with a laptop containing about 30 software programs running on our network. We took a week to ensure that all versions were up to date, fully patched and then we had two network security engineers manually scrub and search for known vulnerabilities. We were sure Assured would find nothing. A week later, Assured provided a report detailing more than 27 vulnerabilities including seven which were critical because they were currently popular exploits against others in our industry.

Senior Network Security Manager in a Top 25 US Financial Institution
We are looking for industry leaders with enough courage and vision to embrace Assured’s revolutionary approach; a method that challenges the current paradigm with actionable facts instead of speculative prediction models.


Speculative Prediction Models


Tick the Box Assessments


Generic Info to Placate Management


All Data Has Same Importance



Actionable Facts


Customized Solutions


Hard, Results-Driven Data


Prioritized Action Steps

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Early Detection

The gold standard in treating illness is early detection. TripleHelix® is light years ahead of other systems in detecting what afflicts your entire IT environment.

After years of development, Assured launched TripleHelix®, the world’s most comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system. The system uses a patent-pending tool, AssuredScanDKV®, that includes the Detection of all Known Vulnerabilities prowling the software on your network. Not most, not some, but all of them. No one else can say that.

How can we do this? During the execution of the TripleHelix® framework, Assured runs AssuredScanDKV® against the software on your network. Like a cyber version of an MRI, it finds hidden vulnerabilities that other scanners simply miss.

If a disease you can’t detect goes untreated, it progresses, often resulting in gruesome consequences. But we don’t just want you to just survive, we want you to thrive.

AssuredScanDKV® is the only early detection system of its type on the market.

We show you what to remediate, advise on how to remediate, and, like a good doctor, exercise professional judgment to prioritize the steps for your improvement while remaining sensitive to your budget.

AssuredScanDKV® detects the known vulnerabilities in bundled and/or compiled software libraries and executables housed within your system’s software. We run this tool as part of TripleHelix® in order to provide you with the most complete cybersecurity risk assessment available.

Other scanners do important things, which is why AssuredScanDKV® is fully compatible with other scanning tools on the market like Nexpose®, Fortify and Nessus®, but no one can do what we do. We capitalize on the findings of other scanners or other security tools, and we’ll put those results into context and provide you with a cybersecurity plan for the next five years: yet another unique service we offer.

TripleHelix® provides three correlated, in-depth reports on cyber Maturity, Threat and Impact. These reports enable the delivery of a CyberScore®—a three-digit number similar to a FICO® score—that allows your board of directors or senior management team to benchmark and evaluate security capabilities, budgeting and cost-effectiveness.

With our treatment and follow-up, you will significantly reduce your cyber risk, liability and insurance costs.
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Graphic: Man as part of a motherboard looking at his hand

The Science

Like an epidemiologist finding a new disease threatening public health, Assured concentrates on actual risk, known and knowable vulnerabilities, prioritization and what can be done. It’s not predictive; it’s hard, bottom-up engineering analytics. And it’s not easy.

We do not react in crisis mode or provide you with thousands of false positives; we deliver well-thought-out results and show you how to prevent attacks now and for the future.
Assured’s disruptive technology turns complicated ideas into simple, elegant solutions.

Let’s Get Started

Assured wants to be your trusted cybersecurity partner. As thought leaders, we are introducing a new standard in modern cybersecurity. But we can’t do it alone.
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