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Assured has supported the highest security levels of the US Government and now brings this expertise to commercial enterprises.

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Assured is a different type of cybersecurity company. We provide expertise in Cyber Maturity, Exposures, Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Analysis, Analytics, Design and Architecture, Complex Problem Solving and Task Management, Mission Critical Services, Forensics and More. We offer unique and proprietary cyber tools. Our solutions are innovative, while at the same time being based on proven skills and know-how. We believe that while one size does not fit all, there is a solution to every cyber problem.
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ID Authentication
How do you know that a person is who they say they are?

Certain verification of a person’s identity is a powerful and secure way to authorize access to a building, office, file, or data base. Nothing provides identification authentication like biometrics technology. It is scalable, cost-effective and offers excellent access control. Combined with cybersecurity, this is the most secure system available.

Creating a biometric profile does not require extensive training. The process is user-friendly, quick and painless. Because you can’t lose, lend or readily have stolen your biometric characteristics, there’s no need to contact tech support whenever you misplace or forget your password, which saves resources and money.

How often have security breaches arisen because people steal or swap ID badges, account numbers or passwords?  With biometrics, it is nearly impossible to steal an individual’s unique identity, especially with proactive cybersecurity measures, thus thwarting hackers and reducing cyber risk.

Biometrics and reliable ID authentication are two cutting-edge methods that reduce palpable threats with accuracy and speed.

Assured adds digital identity authentication and a complete suite of biometric products to our list of cybersecurity solutions.

Commercial Enterprises
No one knows the vulnerabilities, risks, threats and exposures which lurk in your computer network.

No one put the vulnerabilities there intentionally, but now you have inherited the accumulated misguided work of the first three decades of the digital age. Assured Enterprises can manage this nightmare for you.

We can deploy AssuredScanDKV® to detect known vulnerabilities on your computer and we can deploy our TripleHelix® program to deliver the most comprehensive assessment, state-of-the-art remediation, and an array of optional cybersecurity services. This proprietary system enables the Assured team to provide your CISO or CTO with a Comprehensive System Architecture Map.

We offer three analytical reports, which when internally correlated yield an CyberScore®, our proprietary cybersecurity score. The CyberScore® provides an easy to understand benchmark for the cybersecurity at your enterprise. We give you the tools to empower your enterprise to make its own decisions, to budget and to roll-out timetables for improving your cybersecurity defenses – both with and without Assured’s products.

Attacks against known software vulnerabilities
Government Services
Providing Mission-Critical Security

The Assured team includes some of the unsung heroes of America’s national cybersecurity defenses – master class cybersecurity engineers who have designed entire IT networks for the US Department of Defense and the US Intelligence Community (IC). We troubleshoot, run penetration testing operations, thwart attacks and routinely confound the hackers using proven techniques and services, know-how and trade secrets.

Cyber Consulting Services
Led By Industry Experts and Seasoned Veterans

As part of our comprehensive outsourced Managed Cybersecurity System, Assured’s experts are prepared to assist you with policies and training, implementation of gap closure procedures identified through our TripleHelix® assessment, and an array of other services, such as penetration testing, monitoring, cyber program management, emergency response management services and Secure Network Monitoring Operations.

Assured Enterprises Cyber Consulting Services

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