One-Stop Compliance with the Executive Order on Cybersecurity and NIST CSF

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What the EO Means

On May 11, 2017, the White House released its much-anticipated Executive Order on cybersecurity.

Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure take center stage in this EO which adds more accountability and more pressure on federal agencies. Most importantly, it requires federal departments and agencies to use the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) to determine their level of cybersecurity.

Battling the Paper Tiger

businessman-overwhelmed-paperworkThough it may seem like yet another time-consuming paper drill, the EO does not have to drain your resources and sanity.

Compliance for the EO and for NIST CSF can be painless if you find a cybersecurity partner that gives you all that you need in one place without any extra expenses or pointless training.

With TripleHelix®, Assured Enterprises, Inc. collects and meticulously analyzes thousands of data points across 25 different categories.

TripleHelix® is the most comprehensive risk assessment system and the most precise cyber risk diagnostic system available. It provides three unique and customized deliverables:

  1. Written Roadmap—details both cost-effective improvements to your environment you can implement now and lays out a plan.
  2. Proprietary CyberScore®—a three-digit number like a FICO® score that measures the current state of your cyber health and allows you to benchmark against it to make improvements.
  3. Regulatory Compliance Dossier—filled with virtually any reports you need, including NIST CSF and GDPR.

Colorful Wheel graphic showing the TripleHelix Framework and how it meets and exceeds the EO and NIST CSF

TripleHelix® is not useless tick-the-box cybersecurity, it is a comprehensive, easy, scalable and effective solution.

Without a lot of impact to your workflow and resources, TripleHelix® propels your department in the right direction by offering huge results with little effort.

Of course, you could always choose to muddle through the CST on your own and get beat up when the results are less than stellar, but why would you risk the negative exposure when things inevitably go wrong?

The big system integrators are eager to offer more bodies to do the work to implement the CSF, and they’ll want to do this on a permanent basis. In the end, security has not improved and they’ve just exhausted your resources and created more paperwork. TripleHelix® makes that completely unnecessary.

An Opportunity to Excel

happy-businessman-finished-executive-order-NIST-CSFTripleHelix® can turn a compliance burden into an Opportunity to Excel. You can implement the EO and NIST CSF with practical results that will radically improve your cybersecurity posture, while delivering the required reports.

See how Assured’s solutions match up with each point of the new Executive Order on Cybersecurity here.

Conquer the paper dragon today and choose a one-stop cyber risk assessment that gives you measurable impact.

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