Cybersecurity by the Numbers:
Is It a Gamble You’re Willing to Take?

You thought you were safe, but despite your best efforts, you’ve been hacked. Your data breach costs have exceeded $13 million, but that’s nothing compared to the lost confidence among clients, investors and counter-parties; a cost no insurance policy covers.

How will you salvage your firm and reputation?

To protect companies like yours, Assured Enterprises, a world-recognized thought leader and technology innovator, has begun a cybersecurity revolution with TripleHelix®, the most comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system available.

Other assessments show you part of the picture, but a TripleHelix® cyber assessment reveals all:

  • Threats
  • Gaps
  • Vulnerabilities

Assured’s solutions deliver:

  • Cost-effective, measurable roadmaps of improvements you can make immediately
  • Comprehensive snapshots of your compliance with up to 19 regulatory and third party standards1

Why get partial protection, when you can have comprehensive protection? Make your risk assessments count by using solutions trusted by the most sensitive levels of government and by the Fortune 500.

“We provided Assured with a laptop containing about 30 software programs running on our network … all versions were up to date, fully patched … we had two network security engineers manually scrub and search for known vulnerabilities. We were sure [they] would find nothing. A week later, Assured provided a report detailing more than 27 vulnerabilities including seven which were critical…”


1Assured’s Regulatory Compliance Dossier includes reports for GDPR, SEC, FERPA, FISMA, FFIEC, GLBA, NIST and any report you request.

Bar graph: Average total consolidated cost of data breach in the US vs global
Average total consolidated cost of data breach. SOURCE: Ponemon Institute: 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study
Chart showing that the average cost per record for a data breach in the financial services industry is $264
Average cost per record in the U.S. for a data breach. SOURCE: Ponemon Institute: 2016 Cost of Data Breach Study
Chart showing that 20% of financial institutions have been hit by a DDoS attack
Percent of financial institutions hit by a DDoS attack. SOURCE: Maria Korolov for NetworkWorld (May 2016)

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