Pre-Breach Cyber Risk Management
for Insurance Companies

Pre-breach chart showing the growth gap between insurance and cyber riskSerious Risk Management That Works For:

  • Insureds that are risk-adverse.

  • Insureds that have historically underfunded cyber protection.

  • Insureds that have lack of trust or been misled in cyber protection.

  • Risk Bearers and Brokers wanting to protect clients better.

  • Risk Bearers and Brokers wanting to protect the profitability of their book.

It works because the science behind it works. Better Science . . . Better Cyber Risk Management!

TripleHelix®: The Most Comprehensive Risk Assessment System

With TripleHelix®, Assured built the most comprehensive risk assessment system available, which gives organizations the capability to quantify and to measure progress in their cybersecurity programs. TripleHelix® provides the granular information to inform legal, insurance and audit professionals.

TripleHelix® is well-suited for insurance, finance and infrastructure. With TripleHelix® Assured’s clients receive a clear picture of their current cybersecurity posture, and a comprehensive roadmap for improving it cost-efficiently.

cyberscore cybersecurity measurement graphicThe TripleHelix® risk assessment system  analyzes cyber maturity, threat and impact. The correlation of these three strands yields a proprietary CyberScore®, a three-digit cybersecurity score similar to a FICO® score, that allows the management team to benchmark and evaluate security readiness. The Assured CyberScore® empowers a CISO to chart a recommended course for improvement with a focus on what is most important for the organization, not on the latest fad in the cybersecurity marketplace.

TripleHelix® captures thousands of data points which is far more comprehensive than any other assessment on the market. It is capable of measuring, not only technical risks, but risks resulting from policy and procedural gaps. In addition, it has a unique focus on insider threats.

Cyber Risk Management Deliverables

The TripleHelix® Framework Improves:

  • Risk Selection using a proprietary measurement of cyber risk.
  • Technical Pricing using our scientifically developed proxy or rating base.
  • Risk Management utilizing all 9 techniques identifying areas to improve, associated costs and reduction in cyber risk.
  • Capital Deployment and Catastrophic Modeling

The TripleHelix® Framework Reduces:

  • Likelihood of a successful cyber breach through exclusive tools and methods.
  • Complaints from CISOs as our risk management delivers more pertinent guidance that makes sense and is straight forward to implement.

6 steps to TripleHelix including cyber maturity, threat, impact, roadmap, cyberscore and regulatory compliance dossier

Covering All the Bases

Is your organization subject to multiple compliance standards or regulations? Instead of having to conduct multiple assessments to address compliance requirements for your organization, TripleHelix® offers a one-stop, cost-effective comprehensive assessment with the option of delivering virtually any regulatory compliance cyber report into a personalized Regulatory Compliance Dossier.

Deep Software Scanning is Critical

With known software vulnerabilities accounting for 80% of the initial intrusions in data breaches, Assured scoured the market for a scanner that could identify these known vulnerabilities in software. Unable to find a solution, we built our own deep software scanning tool to identify the vulnerabilities and provide remediation information. As part of a TripleHelix® assessment, we employ AssuredScanDKV® to find the vulnerabilities in software and to provide the remediation information.

How Do You Measure Cybersecurity?

With increased pressure to protect data and the growing list of standards and regulations surrounding cybersecurity, insurance companies know they must address the challenge with a reliable cybersecurity partner to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks.

Assured’s solutions lower risk and have insurance professionals within the company that understand the insurance industry’s unique risk management landscape.

Many organizations lack clear metrics to link their cybersecurity efforts to cost-efficient choices, so getting a clear picture of the ROI of those efforts has been almost impossible to achieve. Until now.

Assured wants to be your preferred risk management partner.