Cybersecurity for the Internet of Things (IoT) Just Got Way More Awesome.

How To Build a Better Future Into Connected Devices

In the dawn of the Internet of Things, we are empowered to live like never before, by using accessible, connected and sophisticated technology.

Unfortunately, sophisticated does not mean secure. Numerous security vulnerabilities have been found in luxury cars, baby monitors, traffic signals, medical devices and even coffee makers.

By some estimates, about 70% of IoT devices have vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, IoT devices are not doomed to be hacked. Far from it! There is a better way to manage IoT cybersecurity.

Graphic showing graphics for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Automation, Drones, Robotics and Autonomous Cars

The Problem

When it comes to connected devices, best practices are rarely followed.

A connected device that is not secure opens a gap where hackers can get into your network.

Critical infrastructure relies on SCADA systems which contain legacy software.

This leaves the door wide open for:

Espionage, Cyberstalking, Sabotage, Theft

The Reality

Graphic showing masked hacker above a wireless landscape of various connected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Solution

The key is to secure the device’s software before the product ships and that newly detected vulnerabilities are patched after shipping.

After years of development, Assured Enterprises launched TripleHelix®, the world’s most comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system.

TripleHelix® uses an exhaustive database with a patent-pending deep software scanner, AssuredScanDKV®,
to Detect Known Vulnerabilities lurking within the software on your IoT devices, cloud or network.
Not most, not some, but all of them. 
No one else can do that.

AssuredScanDKV® offers unique capabilities to detect and correct problems in SCADA.

The key is to ensure that the software in connected devices is secure before the product ships and that newly detected vulnerabilities are patched after it has shipped. There is only one company that can do that: Assured Enterprises.

Are you ready for the future of cybersecurity?

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