Think Only Large Law Firms Get Hacked? Think Again.

It’s Not the Size of Your Practice, It’s How Important Your Clients Are.

On July 29, 2016 the FTC held that a company is liable when it has failed to take commercially reasonable measures to secure its clients' data, even if there was no injury to the clients' records. PwC's 2015 Annual Law Firms' Survey stated that 62% of law firms reported a security breach in 2015. That's up 45% from 2014.

It's Time for Proactive Cybersecurity.

Law Firms in the Cross Hairs

These are not hollow claims. Since April, hackers have targeted firms of all sizes including 48 law firms with M&A deals and 13/15  of the nation’s top firms.

Hackers love the sheer quantity and quality of law firms’ data, which can reach tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of records per client. A record is an individual document, including every piece of communication with your clients and partners.

Today’s firms use cutting-edge technology to transmit, store and share information. With this new efficiency and convenience comes greater risk and responsibility, especially with attorney-client relationships.

In fact, the Ponemon Institute’s 2016 Cost of Breach Study states that “regulated industries [like law firms] have the most costly data breaches.” $226 per record in the U.S. is their estimated cost, so even if you only have 50,000 compromised records—which is nothing for a law firm—that’s a staggering $11.3 million.

After a breach, the remediation and associated expenditures are only the beginning.

Can you imagine the litigation and investigation costs stemming from malpractice or ethical claims?

Still, Assured Enterprises knows that getting hacked is not a foregone conclusion. The secret is removing known vulnerabilities (defined, known bugs residing in software) that account for some 80% of successful hack attacks.

A Welcome Acquittal

This is why Assured created TripleHelix®, the world’s most comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system, which uses an exhaustive database with our patent- pending tool, AssuredScanDKV® to Detect all Known Vulnerabilities residing in software. Not most, not some, but all of them. No one else can say that.

Here’s how Assured can help:

Run a comprehensive, deep scan of your software, systems and devices to detect known vulnerabilities residing in software

  • Perform a thorough cyber system analysis
  • Create a baseline of your current security posture
  • Define your cyber readiness to defeat an attack
  • Assess your threat, impact and risk levels
  • Develop a prioritized plan to secure your systems and deal with future problems

“There are two types of law firms: those that know they’ve been hacked and those that do not. ”


“The price of effective cybersecurity can be daunting… But the cost of inaction could be even greater, as more clients threaten to abandon firms that don’t meet their data-privacy standards.”


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