Joseph Kelly Addresses World Congress on IT

Joseph Kelly Addresses World Congress on IT

Assured’s Joseph Kelly Addresses World Congress on Information Technology Annual Meeting

October 2016, Brasilia, Brazil

Speaking as perhaps the only senior member of a cybersecurity technology company at the event, Joe Kelly, VP, Federal Sector Operations of Assured Enterprises addressed The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) on the topic of critical trends emerging in cybersecurity threats at its annual Congress held in Brasilia, Brazil, on October 4, 2016. WCIT is the annual Congress of the World Information Technology and Services Association (WITSA), assembling representatives from national and regional IT industry associations to further the development of and access to global IT.

WITSA Secretary General Jim Poisant extolled Joe’s contribution to the event, commenting

“I could not hope for a more qualified expert to address the critical issues related to global cybersecurity at the 20th World Congress on IT held in Brasilia, Brazil, from October 3-5, 2016. The session [Joe] participated in, the State of the State of Cybersecurity, is of paramount importance for facilitating the realization of a globally inclusive Promise of the Digital Age. I sincerely appreciate [Joe’s] in-depth experience and perspective on this most important topic.”

Speaking to an audience of 1,000 in the venue and another 30,000 viewers online, Joe Kelly provided an overview of critical emerging trends in cybersecurity threats, highlighting the continuing problem of known vulnerabilities as the primary means of attack, the expanding dangers of ransomware, and the risks posed by the Internet of Things (IoT). Joe and his fellow panelists offered concrete recommendations for organizations to improve their security in the face of these threats.

Joseph Kelly from Assured Enterprises speaking at WCIT 2016 in Brasilia, Brazil

Joseph Kelly, VP Federal Sector of Operations, speaking at WCIT 2016 in Brasilia, Brazil

Specifically, Joe exhorted the audience to commit to conducting an enterprise assessment of their organizations to support effective cybersecurity strategies. He emphasized that a complete assessment must look along three axes to capture all gaps: organizational cyber maturity in developing, executing, and improving the cybersecurity program; the nature of the cyber threats facing the organization; and the potential impact to the organization of an IT compromise. Above all, Joe and his fellow panelists assured the audience that conducting these assessments and improving basic security is not difficult and constitutes an urgent and achievable objective.

Joe offered the following comment on the substantive dialogue driving the event, “Cybersecurity requires all parts of an organization to collaborate and understand their role in protecting information and valued assets. I joined Assured Enterprises because it is committed to helping organizations become fully engaged with their information security efforts using comprehensive assessment tools like Assured’s TripleHelix℠.  Jim Poisant and WITSA understand that better visibility into the full range of cybersecurity threats is a pre-requisite for unlocking the potential value yet to be realized in IT across the world. I look forward to working with WITSA in the future to keep spreading the message that strong cybersecurity is urgent and achievable.”

Assured’s Chief, Federal Sector, Brig. Gen. William Jacobs, US Army, Ret., noted that “Joe is a unique public sector and private sector asset. He understands that which government needs to do, while appreciating the potential of disruptive and powerful technologies such as TripleHelix℠ and AssuredScanDKV®.  We aim to protect critical infrastructure and the economic pillars of the World Order. Joe deserves this honor from the WCIT.”

About Assured Enterprises:

Assured Enterprises offers government and business TripleHelix℠, the world’s most comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system, and our proprietary, CyberScore®, which provides our clients deep visibility into their cybersecurity risks accompanied by a RoadMap of improvements which show the cost-benefits of each identified improvement.  In addition, we offer AssuredScanDKV®, the only deep software scanner on the market capable of automatically detecting known vulnerabilities lurking within network and mission-critical software applications. Built upon years of expertise in highly secure environments, Assured also delivers an array of services, tailored products, and solutions. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Assured maintains a strong presence in Northern Virginia to support the US Government.

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