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Lord Daniel Brennan QC

One of the UK’s foremost voices on homeland security and the role of law in modern society, Lord Daniel Brennan QC, has joined the Board of Advisors of Assured Enterprises, Inc., a US-based cybersecurity company, providing innovative solutions to major corporations, Departments of Defense and medium-sized businesses.

Lord Brennan has been a life Peer and member of UK’s House of Lords since 2000. A former Chairman of the Bar of England and Wales, Lord Brennan has specialized in both advisory and litigation work globally, on behalf of governments and major financial institutions among others. A careful student of the world’s rapid transformation to the Digital Age, Lord Brennan has distinguished himself as a practical and wise voice on matters of national and multilateral digital protection, bound by the rule of law.

“Dan Brennan brings integrity, insight and creative thought to the cybersecurity and data protection challenges facing major financial institutions, NATO, military and law enforcement agencies and many others,” explained Stephen M. Soble, Assured’s Chairman and CEO.

An expert on the international liability of multinational enterprises and on critical new laws, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Lord Brennan has worked with major clients throughout the UK and Europe, South and Southeast Asia and South America.

“Assured Enterprises is unique. With Assured, we have a thoughtful team of seasoned experts inventing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, as though they are among the elites of Silicon Valley, yet they do not oversell their products. In addition, the Assured Team has deep international and business acumen and thoroughly reviews the panoply of cyber risks for their clients, before designing a program for cybersecurity improvements. Imagine, defining the problems first, then designing cost-efficient solutions before deploying proactive cybersecurity solutions. This is the genius of Assured Enterprises, and a principal reason I am pleased to join the Assured Team,” said Lord Brennan.

Assured has worked with UK- and EU-based clients and will rely on guidance from Lord Brennan as it expands its presence in various countries including the UK and Spain.

“We believe that the Equifax breach was avoidable. And, this topic was addressed by Assured during the recent Fraud and Data Breach Summit in London. Assured Enterprises certainly stands for ‘Serious Cybersecurity’,” noted Lord Brennan.

“The Equifax breach was avoidable. Big name cybersecurity providers delivered risk assessments, compliance and advice on vulnerabilities. What they didn’t have was a tool and comprehensive system to identify, routinely, the known vulnerabilities in the software resident on their system and to remediate in real world time,” explained Stephen M. Soble, Assured’s CEO. “What we offer is faster, better and less expensive than the premier, well-known providers. When you think of Assured, think Serious Cybersecurity,” added Soble.

Oct 2017 Interview with Stephen Soble

Information Security Media Group, London, England

AssuredScanDKV® detects known vulnerabilities lurking within the software running on networks. Only AssuredScanDKV®, with its patent-pending system, can unpack or unbundle libraries and DLLs within executables for a full binary scan. Only AssuredScanDKV® provides detailed remediation information and prioritization of risk.

According to a Senior Officer of a client US military agency, “AssuredScanDKV®…empowered [the Agency] to eliminate known software vulnerabilities within [its] software.” More information on this case study here.

Assured believes that proactive cyber risk management is possible. Assured provides a comprehensive, strategic security program including their Deep Software Scanner, AssuredScanDKV®, the world’s most comprehensive cyber risk assessment system, TripleHelix™ which also drives a CyberScore®, a readily understandable benchmark and measurement system which defines, with clarity, factually-supported risk in a network, and tools which detect the presence of an ongoing, previously undetected penetration, and more. One engineering visit informs virtually any regulatory compliance report required throughout the year, thus saving internal resources and improving workflow management, and reducing costs.

“The Assured philosophy is to empower our clients with the appropriate, cost-efficient level of assessment necessary to provide visibility into cyber risk and compliance,” said Soble.

About Assured Enterprises:

Assured Enterprises offers a holistic arsenal of cybersecurity tools, products, services and support which include binary-level software scanning, comprehensive IT and organizational assessments, and proof of concept testing designed to assure reliable, proactive cybersecurity, remediation and resiliency.

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