Pre-Breach Cyber Risk Management for Insurance Industry

Pre-Breach Cyber Risk Management for Insurance Industry

Assured Enterprises, Inc., has announced its Pre-breach Cyber Risk Management suite for Reinsurers, Insurance Companies, Captives, Program Administrators, Brokers, Agents, Insureds, Risk Managers, Underwriters, Actuaries, and Data Analysts.
Pre-breach chart showing the growth gap between insurance and cyber riskWith increased pressure to protect data from breach, and the growing list of standards and regulations surrounding cybersecurity, risk bearers know they must address the challenge with a reliable cybersecurity partner to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks. Hard data, not predictive analytics or a black box, inform the Assured system.

Assured’s solutions lower risk and give visibility to professionals responsible for the insurance industry’s unique risk management landscape. Many organizations lack an accurate CyberScore®, the most precise metric on the market to link their cybersecurity efforts to cost-efficient choices, so getting a clear picture of the ROI of those efforts has been almost impossible to achieve. Assured relates the likelihood of a successful breach that is inversely proportional to the CyberScore®.

For example, “Some 80% of the successful attacks against corporate America, including the hack of the Democratic National Committee, according the FBI and DHS, exploited known vulnerabilities in the software to launch its malware attack,” explained David Willett, VP, Risk Mitigation and IoT of Assured.  The best defense is the only deep software scanner on the market – AssuredScanDKV®.

Only AssuredScanDKV® Detects the Known software Vulnerabilities lurking within computer networks. Only AssuredScanDKV®, with its patent-pending system, can unpack or unbundle Libraries and DLLs within Executables for a full binary scan. And, only AssuredScanDKV® provides detailed remediation information and prioritization of risk to make the system actionable and user-friendly.

According to a Senior Officer of a client US Department of Defense agency,

AssuredScanDKV® was easy to use, operated without defects or bugs and empowered [the Agency] to eliminate known software vulnerabilities within [its] software.

More information on this case study here.

6 steps to TripleHelix including cyber maturity, threat, impact, roadmap, cyberscore and regulatory compliance dossierWhen it comes to Assured’s Pre-Breach Suite, TripleHelixSM goes even further. Through TripleHelixSM, Assured delivers virtually any regulatory, compliance, third party assessment, best practices report (PCI, HIPAA, FFIEC, ISO, NCUA, ISF and many more) directly into a client’s proprietary Regulatory Compliance Dossier.

TripleHelixSM with AssuredScanDKV® are designed to clearly communicate pure premiums for cyber risk. The suite is scalable to suit the needs of any size operation big or small.  There is no “one size fits all” cybersecurity here.

“AssuredScanDKV® is the only tool which can detect and show you how to shut down the vulnerabilities in a client’s software in real world time,” Mr. Willett added. “On top of that is fast, easy to administer while non tasking on the network or IT resources.”

Assured Enterprises clients include agencies in the most sensitive levels of the U.S. Government, companies among the Global Fortune 200, small and medium sized software developers, professional services providers, and others.

About Assured Enterprises:

Assured Enterprises offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity which includes:  comprehensive assessments, testing, world class services and a proprietary product line designed to offer proactive cybersecurity.

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