Rethinking Digital Security in the Era of COVID-19: Free Offers to Wisely Transform into the New Normal

Rethinking Digital Security in the Era of COVID-19: Free Offers to Wisely Transform into the New Normal

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t always see a tragedy before it hits, and even when we do, we may not be ready for the impact.

During this difficult time, Assured Enterprises (“Assured”) has developed an online, self-guided cybersecurity risk assessment system tailored to the needs of any sized business, as well as online regulatory compliance reporting. But breaches happen. So, to help keep clients safe and secure, AssuredOne, a cyber risk insurance affiliate of Assured Enterprises, is offering customers a $250,000 cyber risk insurance policy, at no additional cost, when they purchase a tailored, online annual cyber risk assessment and one or more regulatory compliance reports. AssuredOne offers top tier insurance advice by our fully licensed team members.  Our policies are issued by AM Best A+ rated insurance partners. See:

For companies who must still meet regulatory requirements during the pandemic, Assured offers self-guided, online questionnaires yielding a report delivered online. If you need a report that is not one of the several dozen already available from us, Assured will integrate that report for free – you’ll just pay for the questionnaire/report itself.

Assured is committed to helping you during this challenging time. In addition to the above offerings, many of our products and services come with a 2-hour free cybersecurity consultation. This time can be used to understand:

  • What software vulnerabilities may be in your systems (80% of breaches today are caused by a known software vulnerability). Learn using AssuredScanDKV®
  • How to secure your employee’s connections as they work remotely—AssuredVPN™
  • What regulatory compliance tasks you can complete, even while sheltered in place
  • The documentation your company needs, such as Business Continuity Planning, CO-OP DR plans, and more
  • How an Insurance Gap Analysis might reduce your firm’s risk and lower its premiums
  • Other cybersecurity (Assured Enterprises) or insurance (AssuredOne) needs you may have

Contact the appropriate Assured Team specialist today at or or by phone at 202.821.9058.