Top 4 Cybersecurity Solutions for Asia

Top 4 Cybersecurity Solutions for Asia

Assured Enterprises Cited by Tech Wire Asia as one of Their Top Four Cybersecurity Solutions for the Needs of the Asian Market

Assured Enterprises has been featured as one of the Four “must have” cybersecurity technologies in a recent article “Top Cybersecurity Solutions for Expanding Businesses” by Tech Wire Asia, along with Kaspersky, FireEye, and Darktrace. Tech Wire Asia, an independent tech news website, covers enterprise and technology developments in Asia. The Tech Wire analysis leading to the selection of Assured Enterprises reflected a study of threats facing Asian companies detailed by Symantec and PwC.

“It is not surprising that Asian companies, like companies throughout the developed world, are faced with the overriding question: ‘Where do we begin to address the mitigation of risk from cyber-attack?’ And, once the risk is identified, ‘How do we respond?’ The recognition of Assured Enterprises is a tribute to the power of TripleHelixSM, our comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system and our groundbreaking AssuredScanDKV®. These tools and assessments designed for major enterprises, also enable software developers and major consumers of proprietary software to quickly and comprehensively detect the kind of vulnerabilities which are involved in some 80% of the successful attacks against corporate America,” said Stephen M. Soble, CEO of Assured.

“Our TripleHelixSM comprehensive cybersecurity assessment system revolutionizes the requirement of annual or more frequent cybersecurity assessments. We have shunned the tick-the-box mentality and have devised a granular, data-driven approach, which offers certifications and reports, a roadmap of improvements and a CyberScore®–a process which is more powerful and useful than any other assessment system on the market, including those offered by the Big Four accounting and audit firms,” Soble explained.

Assured Enterprises clients include agencies in the most sensitive levels of the U.S. Government, companies among the Global Fortune 200, small and medium sized software developers, professional services providers, and others.

About Assured Enterprises:
Assured Enterprises offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity which includes:  comprehensive assessments, world class services and a proprietary product line designed to offer proactive cybersecurity, currently in development.

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