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The World’s Most Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment System

TripleHelix® gives organizations the capability to quantify and to measure progress in their cybersecurity programs.  

It is well-suited for government agencies, commercial enterprises and critical infrastructure. With TripleHelix® Assured’s clients receive a clear picture of their current cybersecurity posture, and a comprehensive roadmap for improving it cost-efficiently.

The TripleHelix® risk assessment system analyzes:

✓ Cyber Maturity
✓ Threats
✓ Impacts

The correlation of these three strands yields a proprietary CyberScore®, a three-digit cybersecurity score similar to a FICO® score, that allows the management team to benchmark and evaluate security readiness. The Assured CyberScore® empowers a CISO to chart a recommended course for improvement with a focus on what is most important for the organization, not on the latest fad in the cybersecurity marketplace.

TripleHelix® captures over 4,000 data points in over 25 different categories which is far more comprehensive than any other assessment on the market.  

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