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Top 100 US Financial Institution Has a Revelation About the Power of AssuredScanDKV®

“We were confident that Assured would find no vulnerabilities. Boy, did we underestimate them.”

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US Financial Industry

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The Challenge

A top 100 US financial institution (“Bank”) challenged Assured Enterprises, Inc. to prove that AssuredScanDKV® could find software vulnerabilities not identified by any other vulnerability scanning tools it currently uses.   

  • The Bank provided Assured with a newly reimaged laptop that included a barebones operating system and about 25 installed software packages.
  • Prior to delivery, the Bank ran multiple commercial scanners against the laptop to identify vulnerabilities. The Bank’s network vulnerability engineers then fixed the vulnerabilities found and were confident they were delivering a safe system.

“We took the client’s ‘clean and scrubbed’ laptop and ran AssuredScanDKV® against its operating system and software. We discovered a number of vulnerabilities that were potentially catastrophic for a financial services company.”

Assured’s Senior Engineer

The Claim

  • AssuredScanDKV® detects all known vulnerabilities lurking within software by unpacking libraries, executables and DLLs and scanning all binary files. 
  • AssuredScanDKV® does this without any access to source code or data from software residing off network.

The Insurmountable 

The Bank’s engineering team needed persuading.

  • They were convinced that they did not need AssuredScanDKV® and wanted to run the Assured’s application to maintain the high level of confidence they had on the tools they currently use.
  • They believed they were protecting the bank against all known vulnerabilities based on the capabilities of their existing scanning vendors.

Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Breach Study (2016)

Cost of Breach in All Industries - $221 vs Finance Industry - $264
Average cost per record in the United States for a data breach.

Network World (Maria Korolov, May 2016)

% of financial service firms that lost more than $1 million in hourly revenues due to DoS attacks. SOURCE:

The Results

  • In a seven-page report, Assured identified 41 previously undetected vulnerabilities hidden in bundled sections of the Bank’s software.
  • Of those 41 vulnerabilities, AssuredScanDKV® found several critical ones. Some of these critical vulnerabilities may have been linked to known exploits in the US financial industry during the past year.
  • AssuredScanDKV® also found a number of exploits which had been alive and well in the Bank’s software going back as far as 2008.
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Why is it Unique and Essential?

  • Performs as promised, detecting known vulnerabilities in software that other scanning tools miss.
  • Patent-pending technology, with 57 claims.
  • The only system to detect known vulnerabilities in packed software executables and libraries.
  • Does not replicate or replace network scanners, good code practice scanners or any other type of scanner.
  • Compatible with all Vulnerability Manager/Dashboard tools on the market.

A Revolution in Cybersecurity is Brewing. . . 

There’s a new standard for protecting your customers by detecting known vulnerabilities on your network.

AssuredScanDKV® is a vital part of routine evaluations of both proprietary and COTS software for every company in the financial services industry. Available in workstation and enterprise versions, AssuredScanDKV® has been approved for use on the most sensitive networks of the US Department of Defense after passing their most stringent evaluation and testing.

DoD approval, quick installation, direct and time-efficient training and an array of available support services, make AssuredScanDKV®  a crucial component of a sound cybersecurity program.

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